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Court fees set to increase from April 2024

Court fees are set to increase by 10%. If you are not eligible for legal aid or Help with Fees (HWF) and are considering making an application to Court, it may be wise to do so before the fees increase. Although, it is hoped that the government also increase the income thresholds for help with fees eligibility in line with what they promised in the consultation process.

See below some of the main fees and the proposed new cost from April 2024:

Divorce - current £593, new fee £652

Children (contact etc) - current £232, new fee £255

Schedule 1 (children) - current £232, new fee £255

Applications by consent - current £53, new fee £58

Applications within proceedings - current £167, new fee £184

Application for a financial order - current £275, new fee £303

You should always consider if the Court is needed or if matters can be dealt with via mediation or use a Davis & Co of Fairford to negotiate on your behalf. With fees much cheaper than your normal high street solicitors and appointments in evenings and weekends at a time to suit you.

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