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Divorce and Financial matters

"Davis & Co of Fairford assisted me in my divorce financial settlement and child arrangements. My ex was represented , however I walked away with an excellent settlement, quality personal service and saved me huge amounts compared to Solicitor costs. Comes highly recommended"


Beginning divorce proceedings in an already hostile situation can be a confusing, frustrating and challenging time in anybody life's. At Davis & Co we use our experience to make the whole process much easier (at a fraction of the cost of solicitors and Barristers). With the recent legislation, divorce proceedings are based on 'no fault'. The process for this is somewhat straightforward. However, we are on hand to guide you through the process. Once the divorce process is in place the next thing parties will need to consider is how the 'financial pot' is divided. It is not always a requirement to use the courts to decide this. If the parties are in agreement. At Davis and Co, we can talk through your options.


At Davis & Co, we understand the propaganda behind 'take him/her to the cleaners' and offer realistic advice on any financial settlement. We make all attempts to get parties to consent, many with a clean break thus removing protracted and expensive litigation, that can escalate to tens of thousands of pounds, should a solicitor be used. Using this avenue, allows parties to move with the next chapter of their lives. We advise getting you a fair settlement,  protecting you from any further disagreements. 


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