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Child Arrangements & Family Matters

" After an unhappy marriage, with domestic abuse for many years, that continued after I left. Anthony helped me throughout, he assisted me to obtain a non-molestation Order against my ex, helped me though the minefield of a suitable child arrangement (putting the children at the heart), helped me obtain the correct child maintenance due, assisted in the divorce and a excellent financial clean break package. I can finally move on with my life" Anthony removed the stress, explained each step. While my ex spent around £25,000 on representation, Anthony did this at a fraction of what I could of spent" 

Child Arrangements

Davis & Co can assist you in a child arrangement where parents are unable to make arrangements themselves. This area of law can be extremely complex and very confusing. From our experience, the children's wishes and feelings have been put to one side, in order for the parents to score points. This can lead to a simple child arrangement costing tens of thousands of pounds and multiple unnecessary Court hearings. As a Law Professional with Resolution, and Anthony a former Family magistrate, we encourage our clients to place the child at the heart of arrangements. We offer a service that can give honest open advice. We aim to encourage both parties to consent to whom the children live with and the time spent with the other parent during the course of proceedings. We are able to attend court with you to offer support and advice. 

Non-Molestation/ Occupation Orders

Sadly, Domestic Abuse continues to dominate our workload and we can work with the wonderful local and national services available to help the victim free from the perpetrator. Davis & Co are able to assist in completing court paperwork that may result in a Non-Molestation order and occupation orders being granted, to stop the perpetrator from contacting you in the future (both directly or indirectly). Or you may have been served one or both of these orders and you wish to consist them. Davis and Co are able to assist with the statements and relevant paperwork, taking you through each step. It can be a daunting time, therefore we take a sensitive approach and are on hand 7 days and week when you need to support the most. 

Child Maintenance Service (CMS)

We hear time and time again problems with obtaining the correct child maintenance for the child/ren of the family. From paying parents 'hiding' income to receiving parents using child maintenance as a weapon. We can advise on the process to ensure the correct amount is paid or owed and assist you with a tribunal application, supporting you every step of the way. The Director is currently involved in a case against the child maintenance service that is heading to the Court of Appeal. With this in mind, he has a large amount of experience, furthermore understands the frustrations behind the service. 


Distanced Couple
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