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Contract & Consumer matters

"Anthony has been an incredible help and support, He has been their thorough out our court issues, advising and assisting us constantly.

Nothing is ever too much trouble, even out of hours Anthony is always there contacting us via email, text or phone.  Thank you Anthony for all your constant help, you have been amazing"

Karen & Tony South East 


Many have been faced with a contract dispute some time in their lives, from non delivery of goods or services, misunderstanding between terms, or what was or wasn't agreed. At Davis & Co we firstly consider the formation of the contract and it's terms. We address the principles in law to consider if and when a contract was formed (if any) both express and implied and advise on further action. Most matters can be remedied by correspondence to get both parties to reconsider terms or discharge the contract completely. Failing that we follow Practice Direction rules to enable to smooth application though the County Court if and when nessercery. We always encourage alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as a first point, and with Anthony Davis holding an accredited international ADR OCR Civil and Commercial qualification, you are in safe hands.  


With the enactment of the Consumer Rights Act 2015, the rights of the buyer has changed, and in most occasions this never causes an issue. That said, ' is the customer always right'. At Davis & Co we consider the case from both perspectives, considering the costs to reward and advise. We have first-hand experience assisting clients when 'Curry's PC World where is my Refund' was born. The group has a continuing number of new members (circ 3100) helping to remove their frustrations, of spending hours on the phone.  Due to Anthony's passion for justice, he appeared on BBC Watchdog taking about the service Curry fail to provide. 


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