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Mrs Gemma Davis


Please allow me to introduce myself, Mrs Gemma Davis

Whilst I have not taken the traditional approach of obtaining a formal Law qualification I have personal experience of fleeing an abusive relationship and having to represent myself at both divorce and child arrangement proceedings due to financial restraints. I was fortunate enough to have the assistance and experience of my husband Mr Anthony Davis, who was able to support me throughout. 

I have supported others going through a similar experience and my role at Davis & Co is to provide empathetic support and empowerment to our clients, many of whom have little or no experience of navigating the Court process. I am available to provide coaching and best practice to get the most from your court hearings. I have found that this support protracts towards giving much-needed confidence to the litigant in person. 

I am available to talk through practical skills to assist you to feel confident about representing yourself and deal with unnecessary contact from the other party and/or their Legal Representative(s). We fully recognise that providing wellbeing services and support to you is equally important as giving good advice and endeavour to offer a fully holistic approach to all our interactions with you.

I have a vast amount of experience within the financial services industry ensuring being able to assist when looking at any financial settlement during divorce proceedings.

                                                              (Please note Gemma is not regulated by SPMF)

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