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Nothing that is stated or done, both implied or expressly by Davis & Co of Fairford is to be considered as legal advice, representation or the like. The information and advice given it based on views and options from experienced and legally trained workers of Davis & Co, mainly in the capacity of a Paralegal.

Any of the above should be for your consideration and you are advised not to rely upon it as an absolute end. You may wish to engage the services of a solicitor or barrister to take your matter forward at anytime. Davis & Co can advise and give suggestions on this. 

Davis & Co, will not responsible in any event for any loss, costs, interest and any expected outcome, whether express to implied.

The director Mr Anthony Davis has an Diploma of Higher Education in Law, 2.1 LL.B (Hons) Law Degree, a Professional Paralegal (with a licence to practice) and  currently studying his Masters in Law and Legal Practicing Course, moreover many years experience. 

Any questions you may have regarding the disclaimer above can be answered at our first informal meeting. 

You will be verbally informed of this disclaimer prior to any work being carried out.

Contact us for more information.

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