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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What services can you help me with?
    We assist with the following cases and more: Child arrangements Divorce proceedings Landlord & Tenant disputes Contract and Consumer matters Mediation Lease (Private and Commercial) Construction disput We also have professional indemnity cover of £1m and are regulated by the ICO.
  • How much is it likely to cost
    Every matter is different, at Davis & Co we make every effort to keep matters from the court room, being the last result. At Davis & Co are costs are transparant, moreover indication as to costs are discussed at the first hearing. Compaired to most other legal services where costs can escalate to thousands of pounds on standard cases. We offer our services at a fraction of these costs. Our pricing starts from £75 per hour, with fixed fees for half and full day court appearances. We do offer fixed fees on matters where its felt appropriate.
  • What if I dont get what I am expecting?
    At Davis & Co we always advise on the merits on each matter. We make all attempts, helping you get the outcome you seek. However, the law has been ingrained over many years with long standing princlples. At Davis & Co it is important to us we give you advice based on our experience. It maybe the case your legal arguement is not a strong as you may think. However, we always offer honest advice as apose to advice to line our pockets. That is not to say, other methods are not available to obtain a remedy. These can be discussed at our first meeting.
  • Can we communicate online
    Indeed, and we welcome this. We have secure online portals where a link will be sent and controlled by Davis & Co to ensure the meeting is completely private. In most cases we will allow someone to be with you at the meetings, however for family private matters this may not be the case. Generally, the first meeting will be fee free and commucated over Zoom. An invite will be sent at a time that suits my client. We also operate evenings and weekends to ensure Davis & Co are with you every step of the way.
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