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Mrs. Leanne Harper Dip, HE (Open)


Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Mrs Leanne Harper.

In 2019, I began my academic career in law. I have always had a huge interest in the subject and how it relates to everyday life. I have since been awarded my Diploma of Higher Education in Law and I am also in the final stage of my Bachelor of Law degree. I am also an Associate member with NALP and a Student member of Resolution.

With the academic and practical knowledge, I have gained over the years, and skills I have gained from my own personal experiences, I can help assist and guide clients through the admin that they require, alleviating any worries that they may have. 


With the backing and experienced knowledge of Mr. Anthony Davis, I can offer support and take away the stress litigation can bring. Not to mention fees being a great deal lower than high street lawyer firms. 

I live in Swindon with my husband, our five children and our dog. I like to read and often have my nose in a book. 

I also like to spend a lot of time on my studies which in turn enriches and support my legal skills. I am an avid painter in my spare time, it is calming when I am putting paint to paper. 

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