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Jeanette Ashmole (Direct Access Barrister)


At Davis & Co of Fairford, we are proud to be affiliated with criminal direct access barrister Jeanette Ashmole. Our collaboration is designed to provide you with a comprehensive team, where Davis & Co, under Jeanette's expert guidance, ensures all paperwork and documents are completed accurately and promptly. This allows Jeanette to focus on your case, dedicating her time and expertise to ensure she does all she can to achieve a positive outcome. 

By choosing this route, you can rest assured that your legal costs will be managed effectively, preventing any unexpected increases and much less than those of traditional high-street solicitors firms.

Jeanette was called to the Bar in 2012 and is an Ex-Detective and Crown Prosecutor. This means she knows the ins and outs of the other side of the fence and approaches all her cases with a fine-tooth comb to ensure everything is as it should be. 

Jeanette represents her clients in the Magistrates, Crown Courts, and Appeal Courts throughout the UK. She regularly receives cases to defend people in all manner of cases, from theft and driving offences to more serious cases such as serious assaults, sexual offences, and people trafficking. Jeanette has been successful in achieving many acquittals for clients and prides herself on her attention to detail. 


For a consultation on your criminal matter to see where we can assist, please complete the contact form at the link below –

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