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Financial Consent - by personal touch

Here at Davis and Co of Fairford, we continue to find initiative ways to make the issue of financial matters during Divorce, smooth running, time-saving, transparent and more cost effective for our clients. Parties that have filed for divorce typically will need to decide on how the ‘financial pot’ should be split after parties go their own way. This can be agreed between the parties without the intervention of the court or lawyers. It is always advised that even if the parties have minimal assets, it is always recommended to seal a ‘clean break’ with the court, preventing a claim later in life. If parties are in agreement, court papers need to be drafted correctly and lodged with the court for the Judge to seal, normally this is done without the need for the parties to attend court. Davis and Co offer this service to ensure nothing is missed and correctly drafted at a fixed fee. That said, and coming very soon, this process will be accessible via an app, taking both the applicant and respondent through each step in a transparent and easy-to-follow way. However, our reputation is built on being with you ‘every step of the way’, and we would not wish to leave our clients alone. Therefore, we will be offering this service “by personal touch”. Being on hand, should you need us and conclude in a video call (with both parties) to ensure the papers are court-ready. Whether a straightforward clean break, pension sharing order, spousal or child maintenance, spilt of proceeds from the family home's sale, deferred sale and/or ‘other properties’, we will ensure paperwork is correct before the applicant sends it to the court. Whilst we stress test the App, should you wish to use this service, please continue to contact Davis and Co via the normal ‘Contact Us’ page, where we shall reply without delay We look forward to launching the new process soon, saving clients time and money to focus on the more essential things in life.

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