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"Embracing the Future: How Legal Services Are Adapting to Technology"

At Davis and Co of Fairford, in partnership with 'By Personal Touch', we are committed to providing efficient legal services to our clients.


We strive to make the process of obtaining legal services smooth, timesaving, transparent and cost-effective.


Many people have heard of the Small Claims Court, but in reality, it doesn't exist. Instead, it refers to the type of 'track' assigned to a claim, such as Small Claims, Fast or Multi. In most cases, claims are heard in the County Court.

The small claims track is for straightforward claims or claims under £10,000 and can be dealt with through a short hearing if necessary. The general process involves a Pre-Action Letter, N1 form with the Particulars of Claim, Defence or Counterclaim, Questionnaire, Mediation, and Hearing.

If the Defendant fails to lodge a defence, a Judgment in default, among other remedies, may be issued.

To simplify the process, we have developed and added to the already popular portals,

'By Personal Touch', which can deal with the Pre-Action Letter, N1 form, and Particulars of Claim. This user-friendly portal guides clients through the first and most crucial steps of their claim and comes with a free timeline/upload document app.

While the process is accessible through the Portal, we understand the value of personalized support. Therefore, if you sign up for the N1 & Particulars of Claim, we offer a 'By Personal Touch' service, which includes two video calls to ensure the papers are court-ready.

As always, we will be with you “every step of the way”.

We believe our portal and personalized service will save our clients time and money, allowing them to focus on the more essential things in life.


To access the new small claims portal, please click the link below –




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