Welcome to Davis & Co of Fairford, Paralegal service, with licence to practice. We specialise in Family, Rental, Consumer, Construction and Contract matters. 

"With you every step of the way"


Divorce & Financial Matters

Divorce doesn’t just come with an emotional cost but quite often a significant financial one too.

With the average legal costs of a divorce & financial matters being around £15,000, potentially outweighing any settlement or Order, Davis & Co of Fairford are able to offer cost effective and personal alternatives. 

Child Arrangements & Enforcement Matters

Davis & Co of Fairford will guide you though the process, ensuring focus on the children's best interests. Should a formal Court application be required we can support you every step of the way; ensuring the correct paperwork is filed and you are coached and supported for any Court hearings.

Landlord & Tenant Disputes

With house and commercial property prices rising, renting a property is becoming a cost effective solution. Landlord or tenant disputes can arise from time to time and most can be resolved if both parties are open to mediation.

At Davis & Co, we consider mediation in the first instance, understanding the law applicable to both parties and reducing unnecessary costs.

Contract & Consumer Matters

Davis & Co we are able to assist with small claims matters (referred to as Small Claims Court). We can assist in correctly serving paperwork inline with Practice Directives, inviting costs and interest. Again, at Davis & Co of Fairford we encourage Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to avoid protracted litigation, costing unwanted time, stress and money. 


At Davis & Co we are happy to meditate on your behalf. Whilst we are not registered with the Family Mediation Council (FMC), we have found that having someone liaising on your behalf can assist in keeping to the facts and mitigating the stress. It is a particularly useful tool when dealing with Non-Molestation Orders, Domestic Abuse or any other situation where you wish to avoid direct contact.