Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

What is a McKenzie Friend?

A McKenzie Friend is someone who is not legally qualified who can attend court with you when you do not have a lawyer to provide support and assistance.

The term McKenzie Friend comes from a case called McKenzie v McKenzie in 1970 where the court decided that an unrepresented party should be allowed to have a friend in court who was supporting him. Since then, the term has been used to describe someone providing moral and practical support to someone involved in a case who does not have a lawyer.

England and Wales allow fee charging McKenzie friends, who may charge for their services, including the giving of legal advice. A recent report by the Legal Service Consumer Panel found that fee charging McKenzie friends were a net benefit. The report stated, "They should be viewed as providing valuable support that improves access to justice in the large majority of cases.

The term 'McKenzie Friend', is a formally accepted legal term, incorporated in statutory instruments and official judicial guidance. The term covers people who generally help a Litigant in Person (a person who represents themselves in a court)throughout the course of his/her litigation. A McKenzie Friend can help with completing application forms, correspondence, devising strategies and in the preparation of statements, as well as assisting with the traditional aspect of accompanying the litigant to court.

What services can you help me with?

We assist with the following cases and more:

  • Child arrangements
  • Divorce proceedings
  • Landlord & Tenant disputes
  • Contract and Consumer matters
  • Mediation

We also have professional indemnity cover of £1m and are regulated by the ICO.

How much is it likely to cost

Legal advice costs are a "how long is a piece of string question". That said, compaired to most law firms where costs for standard cases can cost around £7-10 thousand pounds. We offer our services at a fraction of that cost. We try and avoid litiagtion, however if litiagtion is needed we do not belive in keeping costs to a minimum. Moreover costs are transpant, keeping you upto date

What if I dont get what I am expecting?

At Davis & Co we always advise on the merits on each matter. We make all attempts to helping you get the outcome you seek. However, the law has been ingrained over many years with some long standing princlples both tried and tested. This may come accross as blunt or 'thats not morally correct' but we always offer the right honest advice as apose to advice to line pockets.

Can we communicate online

Indeed, and in fact we welcome this. We have secure online portals where a link will be sent and controlled by Davis & Co to ensure the meeting is completely private. In most cases we will allow someone to be with you at the meetings, however for private matters such as Familly this may not be the case.